Rudy & Nancy Ybarra

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Ione, CA 95640
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Thanks to all the good people that bought my previous pups. June 1, 2016, we have a new litter. If your interested mail or call. Again thank you and keep in touch.

Rusty Blue

Registered with Austalian Shepard Club Of America
Blue Merle

Rozzyy Ann Martinez

Registered with Australian Shepherd Club of America
Black Tri-color

Photo 1 - Blue Merle - Male

Photo 2 - 2 Blue Merle Males, 1 Black Tri Female

Photo 3 - Blue Merle Male, Red Merle Female

Photo 4 - Black Tri Female

Photo 5 - Red Merle Female, Black Tri Female
Photo 6 - Red Merle Female
Photo 7 - Black Tri Female



More to come!




More photos to come!


The puppy tails are docked at less than two days of age.  The dew-claws are also removed at the same time.

At four weeks of age we worm our puppies with Nemex-2 and again at six weeks of age.  Also, at six weeks they are vaccinated as an aid in the prevention of canine distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, and adenovirus - we use Vanguard Plus 5.  These vaccines contain a low passage, high titer Parvo. It can be given at six weeks of age because it overrides interfering maternal antibodies. Vanguard Plus Vaccines provide better protection to puppies. Maternal antibodies may interfere with the development of an adequate immune response in puppies less than 4 months old. New parents are given a Canine Vaccination Record.

Other vaccines are available for Lyme disease, giardia and coronavirus infection. The use and efficacy of these vaccines is controversial and should be considered on an individual basis. We do not give our dogs these vaccines.

I recommend that you reduce your puppies exposure to diseases during the vulnerable period. Until after your pup has completed their puppy vaccines, keep him/her away from parks and areas with a lot of dog traffic. When in the veterinary office, keep your pup away from other dogs and off the floor where other dogs might have been.

Puppies must receive their rabies vaccine at 4 months of age. Dogs must receive the rabies vaccine again in a year and every three years thereafter. The other vaccines are given on an annual basis but this should be discussed with your vet. Many are of the belief that dogs do not need to be vaccinated near as often as has been the past practice.

Our dogs are all fed Purina Puppy Chow. This is usually started at 4 weeks of age as a gruel.  This is a very messy learning stage for our puppies.  At eight weeks our puppies are ready to be placed in their new homes.

Most of the enquiries we get from families are for female puppies. The common perception is that females make better pets ("more obedient", "more docile", "easier to deal with" or "they're smaller"). This may be true in naturally more aggressive breeds however this is just not true with the Australian Shepherd.